Psychometric is a science of measuring mental capacities and processes and the term itself is an abbreviation for ‘psychological measurement’.

What is Psychometric Test?

Psychometric tests are the standard and logical method to measure the behavioral capacities and mental capabilities of people. These assessments are primarily intended to measure whether the person is suitable for a particular role/trade/job or career based on two or more core skills like personality and ability. They measure the unseen skills which cannot be accurately evaluated during a face to face interview/tests.

They are the complementary weapon used in the selection process or training purpose to make the hiring or engagement experience better. Acquainting oneself with these tests will aid in better, faster and precise decision making


Why Do Psychometric Test Measure?

Psychometric tests can measure interests, personality, and aptitude.
Interest tests- The test measure how people differ in their motivation, values, and opinions in relation to their interests.
Personality tests- The test measure how people differ in their style or way of doing things, and in the way they interact with their environment and other people.
Aptitude tests- The tests measure how people differ in their ability to perform or carry out different tasks.


Advantages of Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests can help to make personnel and career-related assessments more objective.

These tests are typically very easy to administer by a professional, and could be given to a group of people easily. (Some other types of assessments must be given individually.) Psychometric tests are also easily scored, so results come back quickly and reliably.

Many of these tests are completed in some time again, provides a time advantage, and it can reduce costs significantly compared to other methods. People can take the tests from anywhere, and the results are accurately scored each time.


Using Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of the most common uses are as follows:

• Career development and progression – Psychometric tests can help you uncover values, intellectual abilities, personality and interests that are fundamental to overall career satisfaction. For those starting out in their careers and those who are looking for the right career path can contact us for the detailed Career Counselling.

• Selection of personnel – Here, tests (only conducted and administer by a psychologist) can help recruiters and hiring managers determine candidates who best fit a position. Personality, aptitude, and knowledge tests are all very common in this type of testing situation. For a detailed discussion of these types of tests and how to use them for hiring, Contact us!

• Individual development and training – Psychometric tests can help you determine how best to improve your current skills and performance. For instance, if your department is going to introduce a new type of technology, it might be helpful to assess people on their interests and motivations related to new technology. Many Programs, standardize tools and psychometric tests available for training and development purposes. You could also use aptitude and skills tests to determine a person’s ability to perform certain tasks.

• Team building and development – This area can provide many uses for psychometric tests. The better people understand themselves and others, the better they can build and maintain positive workplace relationships. Many standardize instruments and scales are available at Mind Nurture and is very helpful for team building and strengthening also, it can help you gain insights into group behaviors and dynamics that relate to people’s values.

Key Points ( note: put key points it in a box)

Assessment of psychometric tests can only be carried out by a psychologist and is a highly complex and subjective process, also psychometric tests are a good way of objectively assessing people’s “hidden” traits.

From recruitment to long-term career development, these tests provide a great deal of reliable information to make important personnel decisions. If you use the tests, ensure that they are appropriate for your needs, and that they’ve been rigorously evaluated.