Patiala, a city located in the northern part of the country, nestled in the depths of Punjab, is known for its prominent cultural following and production as well as a trade of the traditional attire and footwear prevalent in the region.


Nonetheless, the city irrespective of such beauty and happy surroundings has not proven to be immune to the global ripple effect of adversities and negative impact of the dual crisis of the pandemic and the resultant lock-down. The rising demand for narcotics and other inhibition agents have only added fuel to the raging fire.


Patiala has also witnessed a recent rise in the patients suffering from mental health disorders as well as deteriorating mental health balance and stability, in forms of separation anxiety, chronic depression, anger management, panic attacks, resurfacing insecurities and terrors and many more.


Hence, in an effort to help out the habitats of this city, whether their way through and emerge victorious against such imbalance in mental health conditions, our team of specialists and psychologists in Patiala would like to offer you their services.


The portfolio in psychologists includes providing assessment and therapy to clients, helping facilitate organisational or social change, conducting psychological research, or administering psychological tests to individuals or groups.



Our team of psychologist in Patiala offers the following exclusively:-


  • Trust 
  • Affordability
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Privacy
  • Reliability


Any and all communication which takes place between the psychologist in Patiala and the patient is completely protected in all spheres possible, which can be accredited to the legally privileged information laws as well as ethical practices and approaches which every psychologist in Patiala are subject to.


We feel that our patients take the utmost priority, however with the recent financial and monetary struggles many families and individuals have been facing, affordability has become a necessity and hence, our psychologists are willing to offer their services at reasonable and more importantly budget friendly prices.


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