Ambala, a city located in the northern parts of the country, specifically nestled in the throws of the state of Haryana, is well known as the twin city, due to its geographical location. With its picturesque riverbank views, it has also emerged as a hotspot for local tourism.


Be as it may, this picturesque city has also faced the wide-ranged long term negative impact of the pandemic and the prevention measure of lock-down has only worsened these trying down, especially with the sequenced psychological imbalance and mental health deterioration.


Thus, Ambala has also been the unfortunate  witness of the recent spike in the number of patients in the city suffering from mental health disorders as well as mental health imbalance in forms of resurfacing insecurities and terrors, separation anxiety, chronic depression, panic attacks, anger management and many more. 


Nonetheless, before moving forward we feel it’s necessary to clarify that the portfolio of our team psychologists in Ambala includes providing assessment and therapy to clients, helping facilitate organisational or social change, conducting psychological research, or administering psychological tests to individuals or groups.


In an effort to aid the residents of this city, our team of experts and psychologist in Ambala would like to offer their exclusive assistance and services. These are inclusive of any and all issues and disorders related to psychological well being mental health 



Our team of a psychologist in Ambala offers the following exclusively

  • Trust 
  • Affordability
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Privacy
  • Reliability


We also guarantee that any and all communication which takes place between the psychologist and the patient is completely protected in every sphere possible, which can be accredited to the legally privileged information laws as well as ethical responsibilities as well as approaches which every psychologist in Ambala is subject to.


Mind nurture believes that our patients take the utmost priority, but with the recent monetary struggles innumerable families and individuals have been facing affordability issues thus, making reasonable costs a necessity and hence, our psychologist in Ambala are willing to offer their services at reasonable and more importantly budget-friendly prices.