Patiala, a city situated in the northern hemisphere of the country, completely immersed in the colours and culture of Punjab, famous for mainly it’s traditional to wear and trade of the same.


However, Patiala alike the other surrounding areas are also not immune to the rising tallies and numbers of mental health issues. These include a variety of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorders or PTSD, panic attacks and many more. The rising usage of drugs and other narcotics in the area has only adversely affected the condition.


Hence, in an effort to help out the habitats of this beautiful city, whether their way through and emerge victorious against such mental health conditions, our team of specialists and psychiatrist in Punjab would like to offer you their services.


Psychiatry in the simplest terms aims at diagnosing, treating and if possible preventing mental disorders from developing. Our team of psychiatrists in Patiala also follow a similar ideology.


Any and all communication which takes place between the psychiatrist and the patient is completely protected in all spheres possible, which can be accredited to the legally privileged information laws as well as ethical issues and approaches which every psychiatrist in Patiala are subject to.


We understand trying financial circumstances that several resident families are going through, and in an effort to aid all without differentiating on the basis of wealth, offer our services for every kind of mental disorder at the most reasonable and budget-friendly prices possible to provide affordability and value to consumers.


In a crux,

our team of composed of diverse psychiatrist in Patiala offers:-


  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Affordability
  • Commitment to our patients and their families.


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