Panipat, another beautiful city located in the state of Haryana, also known as the textile city domestically, as a homage to the flourishing weaving, textile and textile recycling industries it is a home to.


The textile city, has also been uncharecteristically born the negative outcomes across various spheres of life as a result of the pandemic and the resulting nationwide lockdown implemented to contain the same. The same also include worsening psychological and mental health spheres.


Thus, unsurprisingly Panipat has also witnessed a recent spike in the patients suffering from mental health disorders as well as mental health imbalance in forms of resurfacing insecurities and terrors, separation anxiety, chronic depression, panic attacks, anger management and many more.


In an effort to aid the residents of this beautiful city, our team of experts and counsellors in Panipat would like to offer their exclusive assistance and services. These are inclusive of any and all issues and disorders related to psychological well being mental health.


Nonetheless, before moving forward our team of counsellors and psychiatrists believe psychiatry and counselling to be centred around three basic terms of diagnosis, research and treatment while keeping the patients comfort and best interests as utmost priority.


Why choose us?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions, which we believe has an extremely simple answer.


Our team of counsellors in Panipat offers the following exclusively:-


    • Trust
    • Affordability
    • Commitment and dedication
    • Privacy
    • Reliability


Many individuals are apprehensive of counselling, as they feel it will be a violation of their privacy and judgement, but our team of counsellors in Panipat takes special care to ensure comfort. Furthermore, any conversation and information shared between the counsellor and counselee is privy to only the parties in the room and protected by both legal laws as well as ethical code of conduct


We feel that our patients take the utmost priority, however with the recent financial and monetary struggles many families and individuals have been facing, affordability has become a necessity and hence, our counsellors are willing to offer their services at reasonable and more importantly budget friendly prices.


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