Sex counselling near me

Sexual relationships are very personal and delicate in nature, but most of all they are highly sensitive issues, which need to be dealt with in a that is equally delicate and sensitive to justify the complexity of the issue without violating the safe space of discussions.

However, before going down that road it is impertinent to understand what is sex counselling and why an individual may need it or how do you understand thatyou need the previously mentioned counselling?

Signs that you need to search for ‘ sex counselling near me’ 

They are several red flags which are indicative of an individual’s need for counsel in the aforementioned topic. Some of the most common of these are as follows:

  1. Feeling stuck or lost in a never ending unhealthy cycle
  2. Feeling of loss of touch from your partner
  3. Feeling neglected or or being taken for granted
  4. Feeling anger, avoidance or disappointment whenever sexis brought up

If any individual or partners it might be a good idea to search for ‘sex counselling near me’.

What is sex counselling?

Sex in most places has a sense of taboo and stigma attached with it, which often is counterproductive as a lot of healthy discuassions which should have taken place between a couple do not do so, as a consequence of such stigma and taboo. And talking to stranger may not seem comfortable at all or even in sense of the word wrong, but allow us to explain what actually is sex counselling and why should you search for sex counselling near me.

Sexual problems are usually the result of a combination of several different factors. These problems often include sexual dysfunction and abnormalities and at times difficulties in sexual response cycles. The variety of factors which might come together at the root of the problem in most cases can be segmented into four main categories which are listed as follows:

  1. Medical or physical factors:

These often refer to physical medical diagnosed diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, pregnancy, drug abuse, and many other such ailments.

  1. Circumstantial or situation factors:

Every person goes through stress, and some people deal with better by finding healthy outlets to work through such feelings of stress and anxiety. Lack of such outlets may have negative effects on your sexual lifestyle.

  1. Emotional factors:

Emotions are a part of humans and are ingrained within us. Prolonged exposure to negative circumstances which may lead to emotional trauma or scars or complexities also hamper and create problems

  1. Psychological factors:

Psychological imbalance both diagnosed and undiagnosed such as severe anxiety, depression and other mental health issues may lead to a similar prognosis.

However, it is also important to understand that all these factors are connected through the same thread and are the agents and results of each other, consequently leading to sexual issues in many cases.

A sex therapist always takes deliberate and significant effort to create safe space where an individual or a couple can talk about such delicate problems and their roots openly without any kind of judgement. Stress management, psychological and emotional traumas or physical ailments and their impacts are all a part of such counselling sessions.

In the 21st century it is important for us to do away with the unhealthy stigma and actively searching for ‘sex counselling near me’ is a direction in the right step and is completely normal, with not much to worry about.

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