Online counselling

“Time doesn’t heal emotional pain; you need to learn how to let go.” – Roy Bennett

Human beings are complex, especially while considering the segmentation and intersection of such segmentation in the social spheres which have a significant impact on one’s mental health.

Relationships are one of the best examples of a paradox as they are more often than not as simple as they are complex. Often it is such complexity that causes problems in the form of misunderstandings, communication gaps, and more which then accrue into a humongous pile of hurt and emotional pain to the point of return. Relationship counselling online helps you deal and even avoid such trying circumstances

Relationship counselling online:

What most couples neglect or refuse to acknowledge is that they always have the option of seeking couple’s therapy. Even though the idea of relationship counselling online and mental health has been historically surrounded by significant yet unwarranted stigma and taboo, with progressing times the Indian society has started acknowledging its errors and identifying the unwarranted negativity with basic ideas of tolerance and in some utopic spheres even acceptance.

What is the most common mistake made by couples? The answer to the former question is not seeking therapy at all or waiting too long before going for relationship counselling online.

Emotional wounds and damage are vastly different and far more sensitive from common flesh wounds and thus, need to be treated and resolved with greater care and sensitivity. But, one common ground is avoiding, ignoring, or bottling up feelings especially in relationships that do much more harm than good, especially in the long run.


What are the signs that you need help?

But how do you know that you and your partner need help? There are many signs but we bring to you the three most common indications that you need relationship counselling online.

  1. Communication

If a person feels a complete lack of communication with their partner, with even the most basic of conversations transforming into screaming matches and unmediated fights, it is one of the biggest red flags and indicators that you need immediate counselling. Another similar form such a communication gap may be unnecessary fear while bringing up serious of significant topics of conversation.

  1. Questioning decisions and love

If an individual has started questioning why or what they are doing being in a relationship with their significant other, or are they even in love? Any other similar line of questioning such as how did they even fall in love with him/her/them? Is one of the biggest red flags in any relationship including marriages.

  1. Secrets and lies

If someone finds difficulty in sharing thoughts, experiences, emotions, etc. or deliberately avoid doing so or keep secrets and lie continuously to protect such secrets including those of having an affair or financial unfaithfulness or even to avoid digging up old matters are another indicator that they need to see a relationship counsellor.

If a person and their partner are facing any or all of the above issues or just want to evaluate and get a second opinion on what is a healthy relationship and if they have one, contact us for relationship counselling, online and/or offline.

But another important matter includes letting go. Letting go even in mutual breakups is an extremely emotional and messy affair. The main reason being, even though an individual might not be committed anymore, but at some point, they were. they invested their time and effort in getting to know their person and then in maintaining the relationship they had. Sometimes, relationship counselling online after reaching a point of no return can also not help.

Breakup Counselling:

Occasionally, when things don’t work out, due to several different reasons, including late relationship counselling online, both parties involved go through some degree of the trauma or stress that more often than not regrettably leads to people questioning not only their choices but, their ability to make good decisions, even those in terms of performing basic tasks of survival.

Nonetheless, if these emotions of heartbreak are not processed properly and instead bottled up or something worse, they might cause long term and in extreme cases nearly irreversible emotional damage to you.

Thus, in response to the same, our team humbly offers not only relationship counselling online but also breakup counselling onlineto help any patient in every way possible and help them navigate through the messy, psychological waters of heart-break in cases where it was mutual or otherwise.

Furthermore, we aim at helping our patients deal with mental pain and trauma to the best of our capabilities through relationship counselling online and break-up counselling, especially in a world where we are trapped in our homes alone with minimalistic human contact and rising levels of anxiety, depression leaving us with a recipe of a disaster waiting to happen.

Help us achieve the same and clear and doubts. Contact us immediately for relationship counselling online, break up, divorce, or any other kind of therapy.