Anger management counselling:

“Anger is nothing more than an outward expression of hurt, fear, and frustration.” – Unknown

Every human being on this planet, from a child to that of a well-aged person struggles when it comes to processing one of the most rudimentary yet intricate of emotions such as anger in a healthy way or manner. It often ends up in temper tantrums in children and even in some adolescents and both oral and violent outbursts in adults.

Anger is not a singular emotion in itself in most cases. It is an unhealthy compilation of feelings of hurt, regret, fear, helplessness, frustration, and more suppressed over long periods of time or lack proper understanding and processing, leading to such anger and rage. It might also be a defensive reaction in trying situations or surroundings which threaten or press on an individual’s insecurities intentionally or unintentionally.

What is anger management?

A major misconception in today’s laymen is that anger management counselling is about suppressing anger as an emotion itself, which couldn’t be further away from the truth as suppression of such a primary emotion will not only be counterproductive, but anger and rage are a result of suppression or bottling up of emotions as previously discussed. Therefore, contrary to popular belief anger management focuses on proper comprehension and processing of emotions by finding the right outlets.

The concept also aims at finding and bringing to the surface various other emotions that lead to high temper on individualistic levels and then breaking down the intricate bond and processing these individually and as inter-related and inter-dependant feelings.

Anger in itself is not problematic as it is a natural defensive response, it is the extremist responses in non-life-threatening situations or any other such circumstances which do not warrant a wrathful response which makes anger problematic and gives it a negative connotation that is so often associated with it. 

What to expect from anger management counselling?

Anger management counselling is performed both personally as well as in groups. It helps people learn, acknowledge, and relate to each other’s similar experiences. Generally, anger management classes focus on teaching individuals specific skills and ways of thinking to better cope with anger.

But most important of all is that is you, or any of acquaintances or any individual suffers from acute anger issues, they are not alone. Not only in terms of others like them but also having people and standing support systems created solely to help them. Help is available and within reach. It is also pertinent to remember anger management and control are learnt and requires practice. There will be peaks and valleys, good days, and bad days but, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and to not give up the oasis in return of a mere mirage.

Help from an anger management counsellor or group anger management counselling session can and does go a long way in helping anyone improve their quality of life.

We at Mind Nurture won’t give up on any of our patients and strictly follow counsellor-client confidentiality. So, remember we are here for you to help you with anger management with our qualified and expert anger management counsellors.